Where Did the Nice Guys Go?

I’ve usually been pretty lucky with the guys I’ve dated (obviously not perfect or I might have kept one of them aroud) but I’ve seen the evidence of the bad boys.  The ones that you know are trouble the second you see them; that you end up breaking up with for exactly the reason they TOLD you they were bad boys in the first place.  I’m not saying I haven’t dated my share…I just knew and enjoyed what I was getting into 😉  I have friends though that are not only attracted to the bad boys, they think they can change him.  Each and every break-up leaves them crying over a bottle of girly wine and a pint of ice cream lamenting “What ever happened to the nice guys?”

Well, click here to find out

A “Recovering Nice Guy” has gone and told us on Craigslist what happened to them and it’s totally true!  Print it out and read it to every girl that ever wonders why she keeps dating such creeps.

CAUTION: There is some adult language in this one, but I laughed enough I thought it was worth sharing anyways.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you that he drops an f-bomb!


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