Getting to Know Your Co-Workers

We had a bit of an office party last week and there was a great  “get to know your co-workers” game.  Usually, these kinds of forced mingling can be slightly painful.  Luckilly, I work with some really amazing people, we get along and this was a really great game!

When we arrived, we were all given name tags that has these little facts written on them.  Our social committee had bugged everyone to submit some little know facts about ourselves that we wouldn’t mind our co-workers knowing about.  But, instead of being given your fact, you were given someone else’s and had to find out who’s fact it was!

Great idea!!  We’re all wandering around reading everyone’s name tags, trying to figure out who’s fact you had…and also taking a little secret delight in seeing your fact and figuring out how long it would take them to guess it was you.

Did you know that Cheryl once trained a pig to run through an obstacle course??  I had no idea.  And my co-workers were pretty shocked that I’d cooked an entire Christmas dinner over an open fire.  I might not look domestic, but I’m full of surprises 😉

The facts were flying!  We have a salesguy that performed on stage with the Blue Man Group in New York!  Someone crashed a brand new Mercedes on a test drive!  One person even lived in a house that didn’t have electricity when they were growing up (and, no, age didn’t help on that one!)

What a really great way to break everyone out of their normal social groups and have a ton of fun!


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