Each year Vue Weekly Magazine takes votes on what Edmontonians think are the best places to grab a bite to eat.  This year, with almost ten thousand votes counted, here are a few of the 2009 Golden Fork Winners:

Overall Best

Best Indie:      Free Press Bistro     780.497.7784     #80, 10014 – 104 Street
Runners Up:    Culina, Hardware Grill, Vons
Chain:            Earls

Best Restaurant for Lovers

Best Indie:      The Creperie          780.420.6656     10220 – 103 Street
Runners Up:    Red Ox, Café De Ville
Best Chain:     La Ronde

Best Weekend Brunch

Best Indie:      Culina                780.437.5588     9914 – 89 Ave
Runners Up:    Blue Plate, Café De Ville
Best Chain:     Hotel MacDonald

Best Patio

Best Indie:     TIE    O’Byrnes      780.414.6766     10616 Whyte Ave
Black Dog     780.439.1082     10425 Whyte Ave
Best Chain:     Earls Tin Palace

You can check out all the winners on the Vue Weekly website


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