As you’ve probably heard by now, we have 13 new millionaires here in Edmonton.  They worked together in the HR Operations Department at ATB downtown, each tossed in a toonie on Wednesday and are now $49,851,871 richer!

Interesting thing is, according to Lynda Steele’s Twitter “Media asks new lotto winners to put up hand if they plan to quit job at ATB. Zero do.”Isn’t that always the question we ask ourselves?  Would you keep working if you won the lottery?  I have to be honest…I LOVE my job…but there’d be a hefty sabatical before I was willing to settle back down into it.  There’s a whole lot of the world that I haven’t travelled to yet and I think that money would be screaming “TUSCANY!! BRAZIL!! PORTUGAL!!”  And, let’s face it, the first time a co-worker drives you crazy or your boss ticks you off it would be really hard to not remember that you don’t need this job.

Give it a couple years, after I remembered that I got into this line of work because I love what I do, not to get rich, and it would be a whole different ballgame.  But the initial moment they handed me over a $3,834,759.30 cheque (minus taxes of course) and you could consider that my official notice!!  *lol

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