Half naked firefighters!!! (for a good cause, of course)

Best night ever!!  Saturday, at the Fantasyland Hotel, there were some man-in-uniform fantasies brought to life.  It was Champagne and Courage II – the night where the lovely firefighters that will be featured in next year’s “Turn Up the Heat” calendar are chosen.  All the proceeds go to the Firefighter Burn Treatment Society, a non-profit charitable organization, around since 1977.  Last year, over 350 ladies helped choose the 2009 calendar guys and some lovely choices were made (we have it up in the EZ Rock on-air booth *lol)  This year was another sell out and I can’t recommend enough that you try and get tickets next year!!!

The night started off with getting handed a glass of champagne and escorted to your table by one of the lovely firefighters, all in their dress reds.  We ate a lovely dinner and then the show really started!  24 lovely, lovely firemen all doing their own performance to convince the crowd why they should be chosen as calendar guys.  And what shows they were!!

You might recognize Mike – the guy on the left in the picture as Mr. October 2009.  He’s also the only firefighter from Edmonton Garrison featured – will be making a return in 2010!

I have seriously never laughed so hard in my life.  Some of the guys were super shy.  Some had never had a bashful day in their lives.  Our emcee for the evening, Jen Crosby, eleven o’clock anchor for Global TV, was absolutely fantastic!!

Out of the 24, we had to make our top 3 picks – one of the hardest choices ever! – and they made the announcement at the end of the night as to which 12 got the most votes to make it on the calendar.  2010 is going to be a pretty great year 😉


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