You’ve got a baby…in a bar…

Weirdest thing ever.  A couple days ago I come across an article talking about the rising amount of people taking their babies to the bar in New York city.  Partially because of the insanely high cost of baby sitters these days; a lot of people are working from home and just don’t have a chance to meet people; whole lot of different reasons.

I ended up talking about it on-air because it seemed like such a bizarre thing.  My dad used to live in England and over there, we’d think nothing of seeing babies or kids in the pub during the day time.  But, you’d never see them in there at night and you’d never see them in a nightclub.

The protest of the non-baby-bearers in New York is that they feel it modifies their behaviour to have kids present.  They feel like they should watch their language or that they shouldn’t let the kids see them drinking…even if they’re not their kids.  I totally get that!  I have a mouth like a sailor, I admit it.  If you’re my age, you’re fair game…sorry…but I do NOT swear around kids or old people.

Either way, I was talking about it with callers in the hypothetical. What would you think about the idea of taking your kids to the bar? What would you think about seeing kids there?

Then, tonight I head to Boomers – which is a very interesting set up. You can watch the skating rink from inside the pub! THIS is where I’d want my kids to have their figure skating/hockey practices…you know…if I had kids…and I still drank a lot…and no one had taken these kids away from me because I like the idea of drinking while they practice sports.  BUT I DIGRESS…I’m there with friend’s to watch another friend play hockey.  When we get there, there’s a little girl, about 3 running all over the joint.  Now, it’s 8 o’clock at night, so not exactly early, but I’m going to give the parents a big of credit that maybe the rest of the family was at public skate or they were having dinner or something was going on that this little girl wasn’t in bed already.  She’s tearing absolutely everywhere and, in the hour and a half before they left, I could not actually tell you who the heck her parents were or where they were sitting.  Solid parenting skills here.

THEN another couple walk in with their baby! This one is about a year.

When the heck did this become, not only okay, but completely acceptable?!?
This is not okay!
If for no other reason than at that time of night, your kids should be in bed!!

yes…I’m judging…I admit it


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