Your dog sheds? Then save the world!

Watching the footage of the oil spill down in the Gulf of Mexico is pretty horrific. Reports saying this may be the worst spill in history and I can only imagine the devastation to the environment.

But how’s this for a crazy way to soak up the oil.


Seriously.  Human, dog and cat hair made into blankets or bumpers that can soak up the oil.

After all, we know that hair holds onto oil. That’s why we have to shampoo it. It doesn’t just get dirty, it absorbs all the oil from our scalp and skin. Phill McCrory, a stylist from Alabama, realized that hair was also an efficient material for collecting and containing petroleum spills…not to mention it’s cheap and plentiful!

Matter of Trust – a San Fransisco not-for-profit – is asking petowners & groomers to send in the dog fur that would normally hit the garbage to be made into oil-absorbant mats. They also collect human hair, cat hair and used nylons to be used for the same reasons.

Humans…we may be seriously screwing up this planet, but every so often we come up with some pretty good ideas on how to start fixing the problems.


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