Not the ring!!

Okay, I admit that while I rarely watch shows like “The Bachelor”, I totally tuned in when Jillian Harris was on. One – she’s Canadian. Two – she was absolutely hilarious! Rolling her eye’s at all the other women’s drama…and when she was the Bachelorette, I kinda thought she was one of the more “real” people on reality TV.

That’s why, it does make me a bit sad to hear the rumours floating around that she and Ed may have broken up. Now, Ed is dismissing it all as a bunch of rumours on his blog but that doesn’t seem to have stopped the speculation.

Breaking up with Ed…meh. Not such a big deal. So she’s single? Who cares! She’s an attractive, intelligent woman. If Ed wasn’t the guy for her, I’m sure there’s plenty of men out there that might fit the bill. Or – gasp! – she may just be single. Being single is fun! This isn’t exactly the 1500s where being single made you a burden on the family and earned you the title of Old Maid for goodness sake.

Bachelorette Jillian Harris' $60 thousand Neil Lane ring

Bachelorette Jillian Harris' $60 thousand Neil Lane ring

What’s really upsetting is that, if it’s true that she and Ed have broken up, she’ll have to give back the $60,000 Platinum Neil Lane engagement ring! According to, her Bachelorette contract says she has to be with Ed for two consecutive years in order to keep the ring.

Men…she’ll meet another one that’s obviously going to be better suited for her.

But losing that ring…that’s heartbreaking!


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