4 minutes for 200 years of history

This is a cool video that I’m blatantly stealing from my buddy Fred’s blog.
Yes, it’s mildly geeky, but that’s how I roll.

It would be interesting to see, with inflation, how much our income really has gone up over the last few hundred years. I mean, sure they used to get paid $400 compared to $40 000, but how much did it cost to live?

I can’t imagine telling someone back in the 1800s that we consider ourselves poor these days if we can’t afford an annual vacation, but I also can’t picture them paying $1000 a month just for rent.

I’d just be very curious to see what level of citizen I would fall into if I lived in a different era. Would I be closer to the poorhouse or to lesser nobility? Mind you, as a divorced woman in her 30s who lives with a man that isn’t her husband,  I would already be shunned!!Add in the career and the fact that I don’t have kids yet and I’d be all sorts of scandalous.

There’s a lot to be said for context. And, I think, I would have rather enjoyed being scandalous back then rather than a good housewife 😉


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