Death of an iPhone

My iPhone has officially bit it.

It was my fault. I dropped it in the toilet. Had it in the back pocket of my jeans, dropped my pants and – *splash* – there it went. I tried the tossing it in rice to dry it out and, I think, if I hadn’t tried turning it on the first day I probably could have saved it. (I’m a moron and didn’t realize it was the turning it on while wet that was the part that fried the circuits. Duh.)

So pissed off, though!! I was even commenting the other day that I’ve never kept a phone in such pristine shape for a year! That’s the good news; I’m almost due for my yearly upgrade if I want to continue to let the one phone company own my soul for an additional year…and I really don’t care between companies one way or another so I probably will. But the fact that I’m going to have to shell out some serious money on a phone (money that I could be spending on things that are fun and delicious…like wine) is really frustrating. Especially when it’s all my fault.

Or, I have a friend whose dream phone is being released in Canada in a month who says I could have his current phone (which is a much smarter phone than I’ll ever be a person!) It’s got some use on it but it’s pretty swanky. It’s just a matter of, is it the phone I want? This is the piece of technology that will define me, after all. At least…until I get the next one.

In the meantime, I’m back to my ghetto Blackberry Pearl flip phone and holy crap is it insane how much stuff you forget using a different phone for a year!! Yet again technology…you have won this round, but not the war! And I’ve had a valuable lesson taught to me about not keeping your phone in your back pocket. Dang it.


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Martha Stewart with Betty Page bangs. I love my glue gun, drunk gardening, roller derby and radio. I prefer my music loud and my wine big, red & juicy. View all posts by radionesta

3 responses to “Death of an iPhone

  • Sharp

    I’m very sorry to hear about your iPhone… But take a look on the bright side. You will probably make a lot of people smile with your story :’)

  • radionesta

    There’s always a bright side!!
    Plus, I’m educating others that if they want to give their technology a bath, it’s probably not recommended 😉

    • Sharp

      Well, it may be a consolation to hear that I once, accidentally, poured have a cup of tea (with sugar) over the keyboard of my laptop.
      That is also a very big nono… Turns out that a laptop can actually survive such an assault, but you will be typing the same letter over and over again… No matter which key you hit =P

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