How did they make Jelly in the old days?!?

Do you ever have one of those random thoughts that pops into your head and you just HAVE to know the answer to it?

I’ve been trying harder and harder to eat better and eat more locally. My fella and I had mulled over the idea of doing the 100 mile diet for a month; you only eat food grown and produced within 100 miles of where you live. Considering we live in the Okanagan, were EVERYTHING seems to grow, it doesn’t sound too tricky at first light.

Then I start looking through my cupboard, at things like flour – it’s been a while since I saw a wheat field, spices – not a lot of black pepper plants around, and even peanut butter or jelly for my toast!

I make a lot of things “from scratch”, including the jam I make from grapes grown in my yard. Now, I make mine without gelatin, but it did get me thinking about how things were done in the old days.

What did you do as a family in the middle of the Wild West, with no grocery store to go pick up gelatin? Did you boil the horse bones down yourself or was it something that just wasn’t deemed necessary or even useful? How the heck did you buy yeast for your bread? Or did you just go with unleavened flat breads? Or no bread at all?!?

All the things that I consider to be staples: pasta, rice, etc., I wouldn’t be able to eat on a 100 mile diet. But, they aren’t things that are even all that healthy for me. What would I do without those things to use as filler? Would I have to eat more vegetables?? I’m okay with that! More protein? Also, delicious!

Still very interested in the idea of trying the 100 mile diet, but also still working on the logistics. I think it’s definitely doable!! Especially if I do a lot more preserving, like I’m hoping to.

Time to get planning!


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