Roller Derby

What a crazy weekend! The Western Canadian Roller Derby Championships were held here in Kelowna AND it was the closing weekend for Into the Woods at Kelowna Actors Studio.

Busting out my alter ego of Lola Coaster, it was great to be able to meet other announcers from all over North America: Bob Noxious, Bull Dog,  Dick Pounder, Papa Razzo and The Ill Reverend Mic, along with What About Ivan and Mack the Mouth, who I’ve met already.

First game was the Kelowna Peach Tarts up against Edmonton’s Oil City Derby Girl. This was particularly awesome for me because Oil City is my old league! (Though, ironically, I only knew one person playing for Oil City as most of my old teammates that are still playing, play for E-Ville now. Oh, the drama of roller derby!) Playing on mic with Ivan and Mack was fantastic. The score makes it sound like the Peach Tarts got their ass kicked – 272-9 – but it was actually a good game to watch. The Tarts just couldn’t get their jammers through the pack due to a combination of a lot of rookie jammers and some serious, hard hitting blockers. I have to say, Team Pretty (as Ivan and I dubbed ourselves due to our oh-so-sexy outfits) was pretty kick ass. The three of us worked really well together and were great about picking up each other’s cues and just generally BSing.

I had to miss the Peach Tarts second game against Saskatoon, because I had to haul ass over to the theatre for a matinee show of Into the Woods. (I’m a tree!!) While they took another loss, it was a much better showing on the score board and the ladies felt better about the loss. I was bummed to also miss the Oil City versus E-Ville game, which all reports say was definitely a grudge match!

Then, back over to Prospera Place to do third mic (mostly sponsorships and filler) for a game with Mack and Papa Razzo. And, back again to the theatre for the evening show. Le tired!!

Sunday was all about the finals. 10am had me back on third mic with Papa Razo and Ivan with Red Deer and Oil City playing a really solid game. Funny thing is, after beating the crap out of each other, these ladies were sharing a bus for the trek back home.

It was a good, tight final game but 176-108 gave YEG’s E-Ville Dead a win over Victoria’s Eves of Destruction at the Western Canadian Roller Derby Championships. One injury sustained during the game, with Velveeta Slicer from the Eves of Destruction needing to be taken out via wheelchair with an unhappy ankle.

Interesting note, house league rules are always to turn off the music during injuries out of respect. Bob Noxious said no, keep the music going so the crowd wouldn’t hear her screaming. I totally see where he’s coming from, it is pretty offsetting to hear a woman’s voice yelling in pain and puts a big damper on the fun of the game, but I also don’t know how I feel about the music partying on with her lying there hurt.

So many players I loved to watch this weekend!! Scarie Antoinette, Easy Break Over and Scarlett Reign were amazing to watch jam for completely different reasons. I’ve never seen anyone as tall as Scarlett bend down and just disappear in a pack like that!  Sour Cherry has always been an amazing blocker and it’s impressive how she just continues to improve. Bamm Bamm was deadly in her pack work.

Very interesting to see the strategy that went into a lot of the games too. Roller derby is such a (relatively) new game, it’s still evolving from year to year. Different ways to keep from breaking the pack while trying to alter the speed, very aggressive jammers, line-ups that were directly related to how many players were in the penalty box…some very smart coaching.

Now to figure out when I can get back on skates again! All the theatre work lately has eaten up all what little spare time I had, so I’ve been MIA from practices. While I’ll never have the time to really hardcore commit like some of the girls do, it’s still my favourite way to get exercise and damn, do I love it. Sweet, sweet roller derby 🙂


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