Baby Names

First off – no, I’m not having a baby. But, when I do, if that baby’s a girl, I know what I’m going to name her because I have loved the same name for years. Years!

So, I was surprised this weekend, talking to a friend who is due to deliver any day. Even though she and her husband know that they’re having a little girl, they haven’t named her yet. They’re waiting until she gets here to see what suits.

And, that makes sense! Just because you love a name doesn’t mean it’s going to fit the baby’s personality. There’s nothing worse than meeting someone who just doesn’t match with their name.

But, not to at least have a really strong frontrunner??

It got me thinking; am I the only one that’s decided on a name before the baby was even a glimmer?

How did you name your kids? Did you have a name that you had to change once you got to know your new baby? Or did you have your children’s names picked out before you’d even gotten the good news from the doctor?


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