Need a good book?

I am a prolific reader, but I’ve worked my way through all my usual suspects and needed some recommendations for some new reads. Thank god for social media! Here’s all the fantastic recommendations I got off Facebook and Twitter:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is @daniel_ohara‘s recommendation. I’ve read it, along with Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter, and both are a fun twist on stories you might already know.

Game of Thrones has been recommended by @NadiaBuckley23,  @TavisNickerson and tons of others. I’ve recently become addicted to the HBO series and am, I know this sounds weird, worried about ruining the show. I’m enjoying it so much but the book is ALWAYS better, so I think I may hold off on the books until after I’ve watched the interpretation on TV. (It makes sense to me! *lol)

The Keep by Jennifer Egan is what @rubyroughhouser says I should pick up and @thickthickpaint recommends  anything by David Sedaris, or Stanley Park, Cloud Atlas, What the Dog Saw, The Tattoo Artist and Until I find You.

In a different vein, @thisisradiokier says The Night Angel trilogy is fantasy of an epic badass nature. Sounds fun!

If you like the author Miriam Toews, @kelownacjex says her book A Complicated Kindess is amazing! @gillianrefined Couldn’t put it down The Help

World War Z or Shantaram are must reads, according to @drex   and@MissSvea enjoyed This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathon Tropper, Watership Down, Catch 22, and Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart.

Joyner’s Dream by Syliva Tyson; @ValerieMill just read it for her book club and thought it was AMAZING!!!

And from Facebook, Cristina Esposto Ostapovitch says the new Nikki Six book is good and Ryann Bradley recommends The Dirt or Scar Tissue. Kassi Sherman is also ona big biography/autobiography kick right now so says Superdad by Chistopher Shulgan, Nice Recovery by Susan Juby (Canadian Author who spent a little time in the Shuswap) and Role Models by John Waters are all books that she just finished and quite enjoyed. Jenna Bell says anything by Chris Walter, an epic punk rock author from East Van.

Jerralyn Filiatrault and Tracy Dubois-Hauff recommend Kelly Armstrong. Jerralyn also says the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins was a good/fast read. Tracy also says if you are looking for some good fluff, any Jude Devereaux book is good too (usually romance and mystery).

Lori Tannas recommends The Kusheil trilogies by Jacqueling Carey (agreed! I just picked up the latest, but want to reread the two books before it before diving it). She also says Jen Lancaster’s books are always a hoot too.

Gwen Rosentreter liked ‎”Your Voice in My Head” by Emma Forrest. Erynn Pat-Rena‘s picks are The book of Negros or anything else by lawrence hill. Candice Young Rojanschi just finished “One Day” by David Nicholls, and found the concept interesting. She also found “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave to be interesting and well written, but heavy on your soul.

The Book Thief or The Poisonwood Bible are recommended by Karen King Lewandowski  and Don Jennings says to read Age of Persuasion by Terry O’Reilly.

Off to the library’s website to reserve whichever titles they carry and then the bookstore!


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