A text from your smoke detector

I ♥ technology.

What good is a smoke detector, if you’re not home to hear it? I mean, obviously, the main goal with a smoke alarm is to wake everyone in the home out and get you out safely, but imagine being able to call a neighbour to check and see if everyone’s okay. Or being able to call the fire department when you’re stuck on the bus and maybe save your home through early detection?

 The Firetext Smoke Alarm looks like every other smoke detector, and works the same as the standard one you have in your home EXCEPT it supports a SIM card, just like a cell phone. You can set it up so that when it detects smoke, the alarm sends a text to up to four different cell phone numbers.

This could be especially handy for people that travel quite a bit or even pet owners. I kennel my dog (so she doesn’t raid the fridge) and my biggest concern is a fire starting and no one knowing to get her out 😦

It’s not even outrageously expensive. They cost about $140, though you do have to supply your own SIM card, and run on a 9V lithium battery, which should last about two to four years.

Now I just need to find some online reviews to see how well this thing works in the average person’s house!


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