Less Than a Month

I’m getting married in less than a month and, I admit, I’m starting to freak out.

Not about the marriage part – that’s going to be awesome. But, let’s just say that losing my job two months before my wedding wasn’t exactly in the budget. Actually, the budget had the wedding being paid for with the money that we were going to make from June to August. Yikes.

The Wine Chef keeps acting like it’s no big deal. Says he’s got the money and we’re going to be fine. Me, I’m one of those dollars and cents people. I need it laid out, in front of me…preferably in a spread sheet. (I do love me some spread sheets.)

I know our family and friends aren’t going to care about how fancy anything is. It was already going to be a very simple wedding. I’m really not a Bridezilla kind of girl and do-it-yourself is pretty much my mantra. No one that loves us is going to walk away and judge us for choosing to grow our flowers ourselves (I thought that made things a little more special, personally) or for having drinks $2 a piece instead of an open bar (our friends drink!! An open bar, alone, would break us! *lol).

But, we do have friends and family coming in from all over the country and I want them to enjoy themselves. And, every time someone asks me how the wedding planning is going, I feel a little abnormal that I’m NOT obsessing with the wedding.

Maybe, this is why people hire wedding planners? So they can just show up and enjoy??


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2 responses to “Less Than a Month

  • Amelia Penner

    No one knows how you feel more than me ~ since we’re getting married on the same day! 🙂 I definitely feel where you are coming from with the budget. Glen and I both work from home and never can know for sure how much we will be bringing in each month. So our budget for the wedding was literally no more than $5000. We are also doing a lot of DIY stuff – thank goodness that Glen’s family has been pitching in with sewing my dress, flowergirl dresses, baking desserts, etc!!

    We should have some coffee SOON so we can vent and get excited for our coming soon wedding day! 🙂

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