Cherry Apple Booze

Despite what it looks like, I didn’t kill anybody

My hands after pitting cherries
The cherry tree is my backyard died over the winter. I was sad. Not only was it the one tree that had a swing in my yard (yay!!) but it was a cherry tree!! In my yard!!!

So, how happy was I to discover that there was a cherry tree in my front yard too! (I had no idea because last year was such a late summer that none of the cherries on it had grown.)

What to do with a tree full of cherries…hmm… First off, you have to pick them. So, there’s my nephew and I up inside this cherry tree trying to reach the dang things. Highly entertaining. There’s still a ton up higher too, but I need a bigger ladder. Maybe borrow one from my neighbour? It seems like a pity to just let them rot on the tree.

Last year I made some apple booze from the apple tree in my yard (I know I make it sound like I live in an orchard or something, I don’t. But a big reason that I decided to rent the house I did was because I could brag to my friends up north that I had fruit trees in my yard :)) I chopped up the lovely organically grown apples, threw in some rum, sugar and spices and let it sit for a few months. Ta da!! Delicious apples flavoured booze.

We gave a bunch away to family and friends, along with homemade jam from the grape vines in our yard, but there’s still about a case of the stuff sitting in my closet. So, I decided to evolve it! Take that already delicious apple booze and make it into apple cherry booze!!

The Wine Chef told me he had a cherry pitter at the restaurant and if I was willing to wait a day he’d bring it home. Too long! The urge was on me to make apple cherry booze now and I wanted to strike while I was in the mood.  I grabbed my paring knife and sliced and diced those cherries.

Not even thinking that the cherry juice would stain the heck out of my hands. The picture was immediately after. A day later and it still looks I took someone out with an axe. Now THIS would be the day to go and demand a better phone plan or cable package 😉


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