Okay, I may snore…but I’m not as bad as THIS guy:

I’m totally the snorer in my relationship. Humiliating, as a girl, to admit but true. There’s the odd time that the Wine Chef is the one doing a little rumbling, but, usually, if anyone is the one waking the other up…it’s me.

It’s funny because, when he does snore, I can’t sleep. It’s so out of the ordinary, so seems so loud, that I have to try and roll him over to get him to stop or it drives me crazy!

A double standard?? You bet!

He does try to placate me and say it’s not very often I snore or when I do it’s not that loud. In my own imagination…it’s something sexy like that seal :S


About radionesta

Martha Stewart with Betty Page bangs. I love my glue gun, drunk gardening, roller derby and radio. I prefer my music loud and my wine big, red & juicy. View all posts by radionesta

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