Crazy about Pippa?

I admit, when I was little my Mom got me Princess Diana paper dolls…and I liked them, because the clothes were totally kick ass! And I have the same fashion respect for the new “people’s princess” Kate Middleton. That chick has some serious style and it has nothing to do with what’s trendy; it’s all about her, what she likes and what she looks good it. I even got up ridiculously early to drink tea, eat scones and watch the royal wedding!

But, I have never been one of those people that’s super obsessed with the idea of royalty. Quite frankly, I just don’t care. It’s something that you’re born into and has nothing to do with who you are and what you accomplish. It’s, literally, a birth right.

The obsession with royalty has now extended over to the rest of the Middleton family, especially Pippa Middleton or “Britain’s most eligible bachelorette.” No pressure or anything there!

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Ever since the royal wedding, everyone wants a piece of her. Pippa’s been offered $5 million to star in a Vivid adult film (brother James was offered a million.) BBC bosses have put up a five-figure sum to get her on Strictly Come Dancing, which is similar to Dancing With the Stars and now, surprise, surprise, TLC will be cashing in on her popularity with an hourlong special: Crazy About Pippa.

I feel a little bad for them. Pippa and James never thought they’d be splashed all over newspapers and television specials. They just happened to have a sister that just happened to fall in love with a prince.  At the same time…that’s what makes it such an interesting story!

You can get a email reminder sent to you about Crazy About Pippa, on TLC August 9th.


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