The GoCrib

I’m not a parent…I don’t even play one on TV. But, at my age, most of my friends have started to create miniature versions of themselves and I know it’s just a matter of time until my clocks starts to tick too. So, when I see a pretty awesome child or baby product, I do file it away in my mental Rolodex.

This one jumped out at me as pretty dang fantastic: The GoCrib

It’s an inflatable crib! No more do you need to lug around those giant folding things that weigh a ton and are a pain and a half to reassemble…and that’s IF you have the room in your car along with the car seat, stroller and all the other assorted odds and ends that seem to come along with being a parent.
The GoCrib comes with a dual-action pump to inflate it, has no metal or plastic which cuts down on the weight, is made from toxin-free high quality materials (to prevent puncture) and breathable mesh sides, making for good airflow and letting you see your child – even if it’s zipped up!

Another handy feature, the crib itself weighs only 7 lbs; 11 lbs including the back-pack that comes with (pictured above) for easy transportation. Only 11 lbs!! The recommend it for sleeping for babies 0-3 years old and for play for children 0-5.

According to the website Store Locator, it doesn’t seem to be available in Western Canada, though if you’re heading south to Bellingham, Spokane or Seattle you can pick one up there or just order online.

I haven’t tried one of these out personally (again, I have no kidlettes of my own yet) so if you do I’d love to hear about it because it sounds like a fantastic product!


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