How’s that foot taste?

Last night the Wine Chef walks into our kitchen and says “I’m guessing he won’t want to talk to us any more!”

We have one of those neighbours that talks…and talks…and talks.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a lot to say. I’ve heard all about his move here, how he’s having a hard time finding work, how it’s okay because his wife has a great job, how wonderful one of our neighbours is, how awful most of the rest of the neighbours are, what a bad job the city does of maintenance in our neighbourhood…basically, he’s become the block’s busybody.

When he cornered the Wine Chef last night though, I tried to save him by shouting down to bring up some cherry tomatoes from the garden. Instead, the conversation turned to food. He asked WC if we ate out often and warned us, whatever we do, not to go to one restaurant downtown.

The restaurant that my husband happens to be the Head Chef for. Oh yeah.

Now, my hubby is always up for creative criticism – it’s how you get better! – so asks the neighbour what was wrong.

“Well, my food was good…and my wife really enjoyed hers…but our friend ordered nachos and they were burnt! It was weird too – it wasn’t burnt around the edges but more on the inside. The server tried to tell us that it was the sauce on it, but who would put a black sauce on nachos?”

WC “Actually, a made-from-scratch chili sauce is a really dark red. It can sometimes look black.”

“That what they tried to say, but we sent them back and they came out the same. I went and wrote one of those online reviews to tell people how horrible our food was and how they gave us burnt nachos twice!!

WC “So, you and your wife got good food and you never even tried the nachos to see if the server was telling you the truth, but you wrote a bad review online? That’s the problem with these online sites. You get people like you who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.”

“Well…uh…everybody knows food.”

WC: “I do. But, I’m the head chef at that restaurant. You have a nice night now.”

LOL!! Yup, pretty sure he won’t be chatting with either of us for a good long while.


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