Hopscotch Favourites

Over the weekend, the Hopscotch Festival was in town: a premium Scotch,Whisky, Spirit & Premium Beer Festival. Now, I should mention that I’m not a scotch drinker. The Wine Chef is a big fan though and went last year. He thought there was some booths that I would enjoy so we made a date night out of it!

I love shows like this because it lets you step out of your comfort zone. You’re not likely to shell out money for a whole bottle of something that you’re not sure you’re going to enjoy. But, for one or two tokens, why not give them a go!

So, despite my not being a scotch drinker, I did try a few out. Yup. Still not a scotch drinker. But, I did discover I’m a huge fan of spiced whiskey!

First thing I saw when I walked in was Phillips Union. I love their Vanilla Whiskey and have been looking for it in liquor stores ever since I moved to BC. Found out the only place in town that carries it is the OK Corral liquor store! Consider that added to my shopping list. A great spiced whiskey with a delicious, smooth vanilla flavour to it. I love it on the rocks on a winter day and the Wine Chef used to make the most amazing creme brulee from it. Yum.

Now, same sampling table but a way sweeter selection was the Trader Vic’s Macadamia Nut Liqueur. This was like boozy candy. Unless you’re a big sugar fan you wouldn’t be able to handle too much of it, but shake it on ice and serve it on the rocks. The chill and the bit of dilution made this a great winter sipper too.

Proud to say another highlight was from Kelowna’s own Tree Brewing! Just in time for Thanksgiving, they have a Jumpin’Jack Pumpkin Ale and it’s freakin’ fantastic. You NEED to try this and you should probably go pick it up pretty quuckly as they’re expecting to sell out. Enough complexity for a beer lover to really appreciate it and enough delicious pumpkin flavour for a non-beer drinker to be convinced to have another bottle.

Was also really impressed with Okanagan Spirits new gin which has a really soft juniper flavour and hints of rose petals. They served it with the Fentiman’s Tonic Water, which has a hint of lemongrass.  While not normally a G&T drinker, this was bloody good.

What were your top picks from the night?


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