Applying for work SUCKS!  I don’t care if you already have the most perfect job in the world that fulfils you and makes you happy, the second you send out that resume your confidence level wavers. Even if you’re incredibly secure in yourself and your skills, you’ve now asked someone else to judge you and declare you worthy…or not.

So, when you’re applying for jobs that you may not even want (because, they all sound good in the job description. Not a lot of companies admit up front that their GM is a jerk, they pay crap, the morning team hates each other, their city is horrible and/or the top sales guy is going to leer down your shirt and call you Sexy whenever he introduces you to clients.) …you’ve now opened yourself up to feelings of  rejection from something you might not even want in the first place! It’s like asking the time from a guy that you’re not even remotely attracted to and him answering that he won’t go out with you. You’re insulted, but feel inadequate at the same time.

And don’t even get me started on the fact that every company in the world now seems to have online applications which, I’m sure makes things so much easier on the HR department doing the screening, but is insanely frustrating for those of us trying to fill them out.

Resume wizards that put your information in the wrong slots; drop down menus where nothing applies but you’re required to select an answer; it’s enough to suck the enthusiasm out of you that you felt when you saw that job opening in the first place.

Finally, once you’ve reworked your resume for each position, written each cover letter, produced up your demo tape…you get that glimmer, that light blinding you at the end of the tunnel. A phone call or email asking if you’re ready for the whole next level ahead of you:
The Interview


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