Pheonix Jones

I love comic books. When I was 4 years old I waited two hours to get my picture taken with Spiderman. Heck – I’m even a huge fan of costumes! And, if I saw someone in trouble I like to think I would definitely step in to help. So, the idea of a real life superhero is one I completely understand.

But, the idea of being without any kind of super power and going out to actually find crimes and fight criminals is something I leave to the police…and Pheonix Jones.


Have you heard of this guy? He’s the leader of a vigilante group in Seatle; they all wear costumes so they won’t get mistaken for criminals. They all claim to have military or martial art backgrounds and, in his case, his costume does have a Dragon Skin bulletproof vest and stab plating. But, he basically goes out in his neighbourhood and tries to prevent crime!

In the course of his crime fighting, Pheonix Jones was arrested this week, breaking up a fight outside a nightclub and using pepper spray. That meant, when he appeared in front of court he had to commit the biggest superhero travesty out there: he revealed his secret identity! Meet 23-year-old Benjamin Fodor

I think the only thing that really surprised me was his hair.
I mean, really?!?


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