Even Models Don’t Look Like Barbie

It’s a safe bet that most of us have realized that Barbie’s figure isn’t exactly realistic. But when I read what a model is expected to look like, it doesn’t seem too realistic either. The British Association of Model Agents says that female models should be at least5 ft 8, with measurements around 36-24-36. I mean, I was an uber skinny teenager, but I haven’t had a 24 inch waist line since I hit puberty.

So, what if we were to take that freak of nature that is a supermodel and give her the plastic surgery required to look like Barbie? The latest issue of O Magazine shows us.

(Matthew Rolston/O Magazine)

A brow lift, jaw line shave, nose job, cheek and neck reduction, a chin implant, scooped-out shoulders, breast lift and implants, liposuction on her arms, a reconstructing tummy tuck, not to mention everything that would have to be done to her legs, hips, butt, feet – good lord!

Now, the model in the photo, Katie Halchishick, doesn’t want to get this work done. She’s posing for the photos to make a point. But, there are people out there that do! And, even worse, most women I know wish they could change how they look. Heck, I can do a shopping list right off the top of my head!

I wish I was taller and skinnier. I wish my legs were longer. I wish my jaw was slimmer. I wish my ass was bigger (though in a good way, of course!) I like the size of my breasts, but I do envy the gravity defying properties of women with boob jobs. And that’s the real kicker!

Most of the things I wish I could change about myself, I could actually change if I had enough money. You can get plumper lips, a dark tan, white, straight teeth and even romance novel hair in an afternoon with no surgery required! If you’re willing to go under the knife, the sky’s the limit.

But, just remember the next time you’re beating yourself up mentally and wishing you could fix all those things about yourself that you see as flaws:

On a planet of 6.97 billion people, only 10 women a year are “perfect” enough to be branded as new supermodels and even they don’t look like Barbie. There’s no shame in looking like you.


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