Why Do People Find it Hard to Believe in a Happy Marriage?

I’m a newlywed. This is a pretty precious stage in a relationship, I admit. We’re stupid, ridiculously happy and in love with each other. We resolve all our problems diplomatically and if one person is annoyed at the other, we tell them why so we can fix it. We actually like spending time in each other’s company; in fact, I’d rather hang out with him than anyone else in the world. We have fun together!

But, to try and tell that to someone who has never experienced what we’re going through…you might have a better chance convincing a non-believer that UFOs are real!

My fella had a girl hit on him this weekend, after she knew he was married, and it kind of stunned him. (The fact that it happened about 10 feet away from me didn’t help.) As a happily besotted man, he just couldn’t get why other people don’t equate marriage with off limits.

The same happened at a Halloween party I was at with a girlfriend though. This dude was trying to pick up both of us and we, pretty politely, told him we were a lost cause since we were happily married. His response was “Oh, so you mean you’ve found some guy who’s willing to agree with whatever you say.”

What do you say to something like that? Explain that, no, I’m in a mutually respectful relationship and that the idea of a man agreeing with everything I say is, actually, incredibly unattractive?? It would be a giant waste of breath. And, heck – he kept on trying after his snide little comment. For some people, married means you’re even more attractive! They like the idea of being the piece on the side, with no fear of commitment.

Are we the hidden minority or are there more of you out there? Do you believe in happy marriages or is it just a temporary delusion on my part?


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4 responses to “Why Do People Find it Hard to Believe in a Happy Marriage?

  • alynn

    I absolutely believe in happy marriages! It will be our 19th wedding anniversary in June.

  • Jen

    I like getting to be a newly wed (finally). I think some people are so used to venting about what their partner had done wrong that they never say what they have done that was right. Those makes others believe its too hard for marriage to be wonderful.

  • Dick

    Tania and I have been together for 8.5 years and married for 6.5. In the 8 years that we have lived together the longest we have been apart was just over 3 weeks and it seemed like forever. We love spending time together and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Apparently I get hit on when we are out together but I don’t even notice. She has to tell me. I have no interest in anyone else so it doesn’t even cross my mind that there is anyone else out there that would be interested in me.

    We argue, hell we even fight but in the end it doesn’t matter because we are in love to the point where we get butterflies when holding hands walking down the street.

    It seems to be the exception nowadays but I cherish every moment and will continue to for years to come. I hope you do too.

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