Things I Discovered on the Weekend

(1) I seem to have a natural talent for pole dancing

It was the oh-so-fantastic Lindsay‘s 30th birthday on Saturday so Christina put together a pretty wonderful surprise celebration. Super fun to watch the Twitter feed all day Friday as Lindsay tried to guess exactly what she had planned for her. Her guess was bowling. The truth was a lap dance/pole dancing class.

Good lord it was fun! I’ve been to the peelers more than a few times in my life and, whether it’s your thing or not, you have to admire the strength it takes to spin around that pole. So, I was pretty dang nervous heading into it! (Especially since the day before I’d gone a little to hard at the gym and I was already having a hard time raising my arms above my shoulders. Not such hot planning, there.) But, as much as it wasn’t easy…it wasn’t ridiculously hard either. I’m not saying that anyone would want to watch me attempt to swing my stuff around. I just feel now like I could take a pole dancing class without feeling so intimidated. We learned how to do a fireman spin, a reverse spin and I actually managed to hold my body off the ground with just my arms! (All about the small victories.) If you’ve ever wanted to try it, whether full fledged classes or just a party like we did, I totally recommend Aradia Fitness here in Kelowna. It was a great workout and gave me some inspiration for when I jumped the hubby after I got home 😉

(2) Cabana has Free Ride Home Fridays!

After we strutted out stuff – literally – we took Lindsay out for dinner at Cabana. Always a great experience! Food was delicious, drinks were awesome and our server, Cam, was fantastic. (Mind you, I rarely have issues with attractive men that listen to everything I say and bring me alcohol.) One of our group is a celiac, so they had a gluten free cake brought in for us. Holy delicious! I’ve had some pretty awful GF food in my time – really chewy or really heavy. This was nothing like that! It was a moist, chocolatey Black Forrest Cake that I never would have guessed was gluten free. If you’re on a GF diet and are jonesing for some dessert, give Cabana a call.

Now, I usually prefer to drink my dessert, but I’d driven to the restaurant so was being nice and responsible, limiting myself. Until the server told me that, not only do they offer free rides home on Friday night, but they drive your car home too! So, while I wasn’t a gong show, I did have a couple drinks and my car and I both got home safely. #winning

What a great weekend!


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