This is an Aye-Aye. It’s pronounced just like you think it is – eye eye – though, some folks also call it a “hay hay” because of the noise it makes. It kind of scares the crap outta me, not going to lie. Not only does it look like a cross between a one of the rats of Nihm and a vampire, check out those badass fingers!

They actually use those fingers to tap on trees and branches up to 8 times a SECOND, then listen for the hollow spots, chew a hole, reach in and grab whatever deliciousness they like to eat with the exceptionally long middle finger. Which is kind of frickin’ insane. And really cool, but kind of creepy at the same time.

Unfortunately, I’m not the only one who finds them a bit scary. They’re only found on the east side of Madagascar and the local superstition about these fellas is that they bring evil with them, so they tend to be killed on site. Some say if they point their long middle finger at you, it’s a death curse. Others say that they creep into your house in the middle of the night and will stab everyone in the aorta with that long middle finger. Honest. I can’t make this stuff up. Not that there’s any proof that any households have ever been murdered by a sinister Aye-Aye.

But, since their habitat is being threatened, just like every other animal on the planet, they’ve been doing a lot more strolling into villages lately. And with those ugly little legends about them, they don’t usually fare so well.

Poor little creepy looking lemur. No one deserves to be killed on site.
Except for cockroaches. They freak me the hell out.

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