Goin’ to Winnipeg!

(Every time I say that I think of the Canadian Tire commercial.)


It happened.

I finally got a job offer so good it was worth leaving the beautiful Okanagan for.

Starting tomorrow morning, I’m joining Tom & Joe in the mornings on 92 CITI-FM in Winnipeg. Two awesome guys; they’ve been working together since 1993 (so, no pressure coming in as the new girl! *lol) Incredibly happy to get back to rock radio, especially with such an awesome team. I don’t even have to push buttons! Bubba‘s there to do all the tricky stuff for us.

You can give us a listen online…and if you happen to have a dog friendly place for rent, drop me a line 😉


About radionesta

Martha Stewart with unicorn hair. I love my glue gun, drunk gardening, roller derby and radio. I prefer my music loud and my wine big, red & juicy. View all posts by radionesta

5 responses to “Goin’ to Winnipeg!

  • ChrisKincaid

    Haha! professional bullshitter! Love that! 🙂


  • Sandra

    Welcome to Winnipeg Nesta, I listen to 92 Citi all the time. The weather might be cold but the people are always friendly. Speaking of friendly, we have a house for rent that is dog friendly, if your still looking.

  • ChrisKincaid

    Sorry to hear a few have been giving you a hard time since joining 92 Citi FM. I live in Ontario and was a listener via the stream on the net. I don’t listen as much but I stop by once and awhile and also check out the comments on the FB page. It’s a tough gig you stepped into but you’re doing a good job!

    BTW…love that pic you have at the top of WordPress here with the glasses. It’s sexy! 🙂

    • radionesta

      Thank you muchly. Since I’m very different from what came before, some folks are not going to like the change. I just try and keep in mind that I’m getting as much love as I’m getting flack. Haters gonna hate!

      No more glasses, I’m afraid. Got LASIK last year so am sporting some 20/20 vision now 😉

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