Macintosh Toffee

Remember this stuff? Not the ones in the individually wrapped pieces, but the stuff in the box. It came in one giant slab. Usually, it was a little bit hard so you’d come close to breaking a tooth off when you went to rip off a hunk.

I LOVE THIS STUFF!! Seriously, any time I see it in a store, I buy it. Just because it’s so bloody hard to find. Well…that, and I think it’s absolutely delicious. Rarely does my sweet tooth kick in, but I am a serious sucker for Macintosh Toffee.

Now, Holly is heading to the States next week on holidays and her aunt asked her to bring a box of Macintosh Toffee, since they don’t sell it down there. We peeked around at the stores, but a couple blocks from my house is Sugar Mountain on Corydon. Perfect! We’ll just stop there before she drops me off.

The place is a candy goldmine but when we asked about toffee the girl working tells us it has been discontinued! WHAT?!?!?! Yup, they’re only selling the bags of individually wrapped toffees now. Not the same! Those little pieces are always soft, not as chewy and, well, they just kinda taste chalky. Plus, those guys suck for baking…you know…if I was ever inspired to bake something 😉 And, most importantly, no longer will I have the joy of stumbling across a box in a random store and rewarding that find with some delicious candy!

I’m mildly candy devastated. Damn you Nestle!!


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One response to “Macintosh Toffee

  • ruby roughhouser

    Favouritist candy ever! I used to hit the box so the slab would shatter into manageable pieces. Chewy wrapped bits are no bueno!

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