Winnipeg Jets Fan Brew

 You could be cheering on the Jets tonight, by winning the Last Seat in the House. But, if you’re watching at home you could be enjoying the game with some Winnipeg Jets Fan Brew: a special Budweiser beer made with Manitoba water and blessed by Jets fans. It went on sale today at MLCC locations and 100 other beer stores and, while supplies last, the Budweiser Winnipeg Jets Fan Brew is available at Tavern United before and after Jets games.

photo Wayne Glowacki/ Winnipeg Free Press

They actually got the water to brew it from landmarks across Winnipeg – places like The Forks, the legislature and, of course, the MTS Centre. (A bit of the water was even poured onto centre ice.) Then the water was “blessed” by Jets fans before being turned into that crisp, clean lager.

Only 24,000 two-fours of the Jets brew will be sold in specially marked 12-can packages. It should taste the same as a normal Bud, as it’s brewed exactly the same, but the warm glow you get you can blame on Jets pride instead of your normal beer buzz.

You planning on picking up a case while you cheer on your team?


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