The new iPad: March 2012

Everyone knew it was coming: the new iPad. Not an iPad 3 or iPad HD; just an iPad. (A lot of people are making a big deal about that, but think about the iPod. No matter what updates they roll out, they just usually call them an iPod.) Pre-orders for the new iPod started yesterday and it will be available on March 16th.

It doesn’t have any substantial changes from the iPad 2, but there’s definitely some upgrades. It has a ridiculously high-resolution screen. In fact, the “Retina Display” out-pixels your HDTV at home. There’s voice dictation, 4G LTE capability, which means very fast download speeds, and it can also be used as a wireless hotspot. It also has a better camera at 5-megapixel, illuminated sensor with a 5-element lens, face detection and IR filter, plus HD (1080p) video capture.

Instead of going smaller, it’s actually a bit bigger, but you probably won’t even notice it at 0.11 pounds heavier and 0.37 inches thicker. Battery life stays the same at 10 hours; 9 on 4G. And, they didn’t add Siri on to the iPad, like it had been rumoured earlier this week. Also the same, it will run on Rogers, Telus and Bell in Canada.

Basically, what it boils down to is if you have the iPad 2, there really aren’t any huge reasons to rush out and pick up the new iPad. Unless you’re really into shooting video with your iPad and editing it on the fly, you’re not going to notice a whole heck of a lot of difference between the two.

Which is handy to those cheapskates among us – myself included – who might just want to pick up an iPad 2 since they’re dropping that price $100.

(Originally published on the Tom and Joe blog)


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