What, exactly, is a Nesta?

Nesta is my name. Nope, it’s not short for anything; it’s just Nesta. Some of the musically astute might recognize it as being Bob Marley’s first name, but my Mom read it first in a cowboy book called Arizona Ames and fell in love.

Now, WHAT am I? I’m a music junkie, foodie, red wine addict and radio girl with no inside voice and WAY too many hobbies.  I’m a travel nut; grew up with my dad a pilot in the airforce and just got used to it, I guess. If I could have one super power, I’d breathe underwater but instead I settle for scuba diving. I play and announce roller derby, under my alter ego of Lola Coaster. I also like to whitewater raft and knit (though not at the same time,) love reading, camping, crafts, bellydancing and miss owning a motorcycle. (My mother is, however, extremely relieved.)

My favourite person in the world is my fella, Phil, the Wine Chef, and we just added a tiny human, Zoe, to the world.

I’ve spent the last decade on radio stations across Western Canada. Once I’m wrapped up my six months of being an at-home milking machine, you’ll hear me back on-air again on The Backseat Drive with Shadoe & Nesta on 92 CITI FM Winnipeg. In the meantime, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Tumblr.


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