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Big NFL Prediction

My fella has said he wants to go on record predicting the Houston Texans will make it to the Super Bowl this year. He says, while they are masters of nothing, they have an amazing all-around team that he thinks is going all the way.

I’ll consider this my proof on February 3rd if he was right or not.

(And, for the record, he’s a Saints fan, not a Texans fan so this isn’t just a bandwagon prediction.)


How much do the little things matter?

You hear a lot of varying opinions on customer service these days. A lot of people that think businesses aren’t delivering enough. ( I also think a lot of customers are starting to feel entitled to a business giving away the farm, when they’re not at fault and it just doesn’t make monetary sense but that’s a whole different post.)

But, what about the little things? The smile when you walk into a business. Your salesguy remembering your name. That extra bit a business does to show you matter. Do they really make a difference?

I was in a car accident just before Christmas. A guy ran a stop sign and plowed right into the side of my car. Took about a month to get it all fixed up and I moved to Winnipeg before it was ready. Last week, when I flew back to Kelowna to get the moving truck loaded, it was my first chance to pick the car up.

The autobody shop knew all about my bouncing between provinces and the time crunch I was under. They’d even had me call the day before I was picking it up, to make sure it was ready for me. But, when they opened the back door to show me the interior work, first thing the sales rep and I notice is all the mud inside. You could tell by the smudges and prints that it had been from the work getting done (and, I knew for sure as I’d just had the car detailed before the accident so it was pretty much sparkling beforehand). He apologizes and says he’ll get his guys on it right away.

Then I notice that my (now) horribly cracked windshield hasn’t been replaced either. He explains that ICBC usually doesn’t cover the windshield if there are any rock chips. Only problem with that explanation (beyond it seeming like BS from the insurance side of things) is we’d had the same conversation the month before. I said I wanted the insurance broker to verify that and, if they still wouldn’t cover it, to replace the windshield at my expense. I’m a bit frustrated, but he says no problem. Bring it in the next day and he’ll replace the windshield and get it detailed at the same time.

Perfect! A little time out of a pretty packed schedule, but great that he can make it happen. I’ll feel safer about driving cross country if I have a clear view out that window.

I get the car in. They have a courtesy driver to run me back home and pick me up when it’s done. (Handy! Customer service bonus points.) Pay for the windshield, friendly chat with the salesguy, get in the car…disapointment. It still hasn’t been detailed.

What do you do? Turn around, walk back in and tell them they forgot to detail the car…again? What’s the autobody equivalent of spitting in your burger? Plus, I was already too busy to fit in getting my windshield replaced and just don’t have any more time to spare. Instead, I drive away. Mildly annoyed that I have a dirty car.

And, THAT is what has stuck with me. Not the amazing job they did with the repairs and how you can’t even tell I was in an accident. Not the incredibly friendly salesman. Not the courtesey driver. Not even the fact that they didn’t change the windshield, which seems like the bigger issue in hindsight. Nope, it was the fact that my car interior didn’t get vacuumed and wiped down.

Sometimes, it is all about the little things.

Goin’ to Winnipeg!

(Every time I say that I think of the Canadian Tire commercial.)


It happened.

I finally got a job offer so good it was worth leaving the beautiful Okanagan for.

Starting tomorrow morning, I’m joining Tom & Joe in the mornings on 92 CITI-FM in Winnipeg. Two awesome guys; they’ve been working together since 1993 (so, no pressure coming in as the new girl! *lol) Incredibly happy to get back to rock radio, especially with such an awesome team. I don’t even have to push buttons! Bubba‘s there to do all the tricky stuff for us.

You can give us a listen online…and if you happen to have a dog friendly place for rent, drop me a line 😉

Why Radio?

When I was accepted in the Radio & Television program at NAIT, there were only about 20 of us in the program. It was hard to get in; most of us had applied multiple times and had to upgrade or increase their volunteer hours in media to finally be accepted. I was one of the lucky ones. I made it in on my first application, got a summer job after my first semester and was hired full time before I graduated.

I’m also one of the few people that is, 10 years later, still working in radio or television. At least, I was still working up until a couple months ago when I was laid off. And I’d love to say it was my first time being laid off, but this is actually round number two.

Radio is a really crappy business. The hours are weird, the pay is bad, there’s no such thing as job security and the idea of a retirement plan is plain ridiculous. We were warned, back on our very first day of classes – if you can do anything else with your life, do it – and, after a decade in the business I know every warning was true.

So, why would I, twice burned, still want to be in radio? It’s simple. I love it.

The first thing people say to you after you’ve been laid off is, use this as an opportunity to follow your passion.  I completely agree. But, I have a career that I love and I really can’t imagine doing anything else.

I love music. I love talking with people. I love learning new things. I love that my job continues to evolve with new technology. I love reading every newspaper to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world. I love researching, digging deeper in a story to learn more. I love that, in times of emergency, I can actually tell people things that help them or, at least, help their peace of mind. I love that what I do requires me to give back to my community.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think loving your job means that your job gets to treat you poorly. I’ve heard too many people in radio defend their awful pay checks by using the justification that they love their job. Well, I know a lot of lawyers, accountants or even welders that love their job and they own homes and support a family.

But the fact is, while I’m sure I could do another line of work and be really good at it, it’s just not radio. It’s like a bad relationship I just can’t get out of. Maybe one day I’ll kick the habit. But for now, I’m just going to keep working hard, trying to improve and doing what I love.

Things I Discovered on the Weekend

(1) I seem to have a natural talent for pole dancing

It was the oh-so-fantastic Lindsay‘s 30th birthday on Saturday so Christina put together a pretty wonderful surprise celebration. Super fun to watch the Twitter feed all day Friday as Lindsay tried to guess exactly what she had planned for her. Her guess was bowling. The truth was a lap dance/pole dancing class.

Good lord it was fun! I’ve been to the peelers more than a few times in my life and, whether it’s your thing or not, you have to admire the strength it takes to spin around that pole. So, I was pretty dang nervous heading into it! (Especially since the day before I’d gone a little to hard at the gym and I was already having a hard time raising my arms above my shoulders. Not such hot planning, there.) But, as much as it wasn’t easy…it wasn’t ridiculously hard either. I’m not saying that anyone would want to watch me attempt to swing my stuff around. I just feel now like I could take a pole dancing class without feeling so intimidated. We learned how to do a fireman spin, a reverse spin and I actually managed to hold my body off the ground with just my arms! (All about the small victories.) If you’ve ever wanted to try it, whether full fledged classes or just a party like we did, I totally recommend Aradia Fitness here in Kelowna. It was a great workout and gave me some inspiration for when I jumped the hubby after I got home 😉

(2) Cabana has Free Ride Home Fridays!

After we strutted out stuff – literally – we took Lindsay out for dinner at Cabana. Always a great experience! Food was delicious, drinks were awesome and our server, Cam, was fantastic. (Mind you, I rarely have issues with attractive men that listen to everything I say and bring me alcohol.) One of our group is a celiac, so they had a gluten free cake brought in for us. Holy delicious! I’ve had some pretty awful GF food in my time – really chewy or really heavy. This was nothing like that! It was a moist, chocolatey Black Forrest Cake that I never would have guessed was gluten free. If you’re on a GF diet and are jonesing for some dessert, give Cabana a call.

Now, I usually prefer to drink my dessert, but I’d driven to the restaurant so was being nice and responsible, limiting myself. Until the server told me that, not only do they offer free rides home on Friday night, but they drive your car home too! So, while I wasn’t a gong show, I did have a couple drinks and my car and I both got home safely. #winning

What a great weekend!

Why Do People Find it Hard to Believe in a Happy Marriage?

I’m a newlywed. This is a pretty precious stage in a relationship, I admit. We’re stupid, ridiculously happy and in love with each other. We resolve all our problems diplomatically and if one person is annoyed at the other, we tell them why so we can fix it. We actually like spending time in each other’s company; in fact, I’d rather hang out with him than anyone else in the world. We have fun together!

But, to try and tell that to someone who has never experienced what we’re going through…you might have a better chance convincing a non-believer that UFOs are real!

My fella had a girl hit on him this weekend, after she knew he was married, and it kind of stunned him. (The fact that it happened about 10 feet away from me didn’t help.) As a happily besotted man, he just couldn’t get why other people don’t equate marriage with off limits.

The same happened at a Halloween party I was at with a girlfriend though. This dude was trying to pick up both of us and we, pretty politely, told him we were a lost cause since we were happily married. His response was “Oh, so you mean you’ve found some guy who’s willing to agree with whatever you say.”

What do you say to something like that? Explain that, no, I’m in a mutually respectful relationship and that the idea of a man agreeing with everything I say is, actually, incredibly unattractive?? It would be a giant waste of breath. And, heck – he kept on trying after his snide little comment. For some people, married means you’re even more attractive! They like the idea of being the piece on the side, with no fear of commitment.

Are we the hidden minority or are there more of you out there? Do you believe in happy marriages or is it just a temporary delusion on my part?


Applying for work SUCKS!  I don’t care if you already have the most perfect job in the world that fulfils you and makes you happy, the second you send out that resume your confidence level wavers. Even if you’re incredibly secure in yourself and your skills, you’ve now asked someone else to judge you and declare you worthy…or not.

So, when you’re applying for jobs that you may not even want (because, they all sound good in the job description. Not a lot of companies admit up front that their GM is a jerk, they pay crap, the morning team hates each other, their city is horrible and/or the top sales guy is going to leer down your shirt and call you Sexy whenever he introduces you to clients.) …you’ve now opened yourself up to feelings of  rejection from something you might not even want in the first place! It’s like asking the time from a guy that you’re not even remotely attracted to and him answering that he won’t go out with you. You’re insulted, but feel inadequate at the same time.

And don’t even get me started on the fact that every company in the world now seems to have online applications which, I’m sure makes things so much easier on the HR department doing the screening, but is insanely frustrating for those of us trying to fill them out.

Resume wizards that put your information in the wrong slots; drop down menus where nothing applies but you’re required to select an answer; it’s enough to suck the enthusiasm out of you that you felt when you saw that job opening in the first place.

Finally, once you’ve reworked your resume for each position, written each cover letter, produced up your demo tape…you get that glimmer, that light blinding you at the end of the tunnel. A phone call or email asking if you’re ready for the whole next level ahead of you:
The Interview