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Goin’ to Winnipeg!

(Every time I say that I think of the Canadian Tire commercial.)


It happened.

I finally got a job offer so good it was worth leaving the beautiful Okanagan for.

Starting tomorrow morning, I’m joining Tom & Joe in the mornings on 92 CITI-FM in Winnipeg. Two awesome guys; they’ve been working together since 1993 (so, no pressure coming in as the new girl! *lol) Incredibly happy to get back to rock radio, especially with such an awesome team. I don’t even have to push buttons! Bubba‘s there to do all the tricky stuff for us.

You can give us a listen online…and if you happen to have a dog friendly place for rent, drop me a line 😉


Hunter S. Thompson and Radio

Well, this is disappointing. I’ve always heard a great quote about radio and loved it.

“The radio business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.

There’s also a negative side.”
– Hunter S. Thompson

It’s funny, it’s dark, it’s so very appropriate…and it’s also totally made up! I was looking for the exact quote online (thank you Google) and the very first thing that comes up is an urban legends, dubious quotes page.  Uh oh. The second I saw it, I was instantly sad. I knew I wasn’t going to like what I read.

Turns out, the original quote wasn’t so pithy and funny and it wasn’t even about working in radio! It’s about working in TV.

I don’t want to take away anything from the author’s hard work and research so go read his article for yourself.

I’m going to console myself by trying to find a new self-depreciating quote about the work I do. Any suggestions?