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Sweet Potato Peanut Butter Baby Biscuits


I’m avoiding wheat for the kiddo for her first couple years & am trying to avoid giving her crappy filler food so I’ve had to dive into the terrifying world of paleo/gluten free baking. I don’t know if this recipe fits those descriptions perfectly, but for my baby food purposes it’s a definite win. She likes them. I like them. Yay delicious snacks!


1 cup cooked sweet potatoes (I just bake one in its skin for 45 minutes, then it rolls right out of the skin)
2 eggs
1/4 cup liquid coconut oil
1/4 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon baking soda
10 tablespoons coconut flour

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees.

Whisk the eggs, cream in the sweet potato, then mix all ingredients together into a smooth paste.

Spread dough mixture over a parchment lined baking sheet about 1/4 inch thick.

Cook for 20 minutes

Cut the dough into whatever size works for your kiddo. I used a pizza cutter to do it. Worked like a darn.

Toss back in the oven for another 20.

That’s it! Easy enough to cut the recipe in half if you don’t need a whole tray’s worth. I just find most sweet potatoes are about a cup and this makes my life easy. Plus, I have no problem tossing some in the freezer and then, once thawed, toasting them in the oven again.

I’ve also made the recipe with no peanut butter, with cheese instead of peanut butter…there’s a whole of variations that are possible here. If you come up with some fantastic way to quirk it let me know in the comments!



Newtown, ConnecticutI refuse to believe that hunters and responsible gun owners can’t have a meaningful conversation about better gun laws. The same way I believe that more can be done to identify people who are either mentally ill or just plain evil. As a society, and as individuals, we need to realize that whatever systems we have in place right now are not working and we have to take action to find something that does.

Big NFL Prediction

My fella has said he wants to go on record predicting the Houston Texans will make it to the Super Bowl this year. He says, while they are masters of nothing, they have an amazing all-around team that he thinks is going all the way.

I’ll consider this my proof on February 3rd if he was right or not.

(And, for the record, he’s a Saints fan, not a Texans fan so this isn’t just a bandwagon prediction.)


Kermit in Space

Ever wonder what a frog would look like in zero-gravity space?


The Wonderlic Personnel Test ™

Set your clock for five minutes, don’t peek at the answers, and see if you’re smart enough to be a quarterback. Tom got 60%, Joe 67%, Bubba 73% and I managed a 93%. Looks like it’s time to make me the “moneyball” behind the scene!

The Wonderlic Personnel Test ™
WPT ™ Sample Questions

1. Look at the row of numbers below. What number should come next?

8 4 2 1 ½ ¼ ?

2. Assume the first two statements are true. Is the final one:

1. true, 2. false, 3. not certain?

The boy plays baseball. All baseball players wear hats. The boy wears a hat.

3. Paper sells for 21 cents per pad. What will four pads cost?

4. How many of the five pairs of items listed below are exact duplicates?

Nieman, K.M. Neiman, K.M.
Thomas, G.K. Thomas, C.K.
Hoff, J.P. Hoff, J.P.
Pino, L.R. Pina, L.R.
Warner, T.S. Wanner, T.S.

5. RESENT RESERVE � Do these words
1. have similar meanings, 2. have contradictory meanings, 3. mean neither the same nor opposite?

6. One of the numbered figures in the following drawing is most different from the others. What is the number in that figure?




7. A train travels 20 feet in 1/5 second. At this same speed, how many feet will it travel in three seconds?

8. When rope is selling at $.10 a foot, how many feet can you buy for sixty cents?

9. The ninth month of the year is

1. October, 2. January, 3. June, 4. September, 5 May.

10. Which number in the following group of numbers represents the smallest amount?

7 .8 31 .33 2

11. In printing an article of 48,000 words, a printer decides to use two sizes of type. Using the larger type, a printed page contains 1,800 words. Using smaller type, a page contains 2,400 words. The article is allotted 21 full pages in a magazine. How many pages must be in smaller type?

12. The hours of daylight and darkness in SEPTEMBER are nearest equal to the hours of daylight and darkness in:

1. June, 2. March, 3. May, 4. November.

13. Three individuals form a partnership and agree to divide the profits equally. X invests $9,000, Y invests $7,000, Z invests $4,000. If the profits are $4,800, how much less does X receive than if the profits were divided in proportion to the amount invested?

14. Assume the first two statements are true. Is the final one:

1. true, 2. false, 3. not certain?

Tom greeted Beth. Beth greeted Dawn. Tom did not greet Dawn.

15. A boy is 17 years old and his sister is twice as old. When the boy is 23 years old, what will be the age of his sister?

These are sample test questions and are intended for demonstration purposes only. The Wonderlic Personnel Test is published by Wonderlic, Inc. via

1. 1/8
2. true
3. 84 cents
4. 1
5. 3
6. 4
7. 300 feet
8. 6 feet
9. September
10. .33
11. 17
12. March
13. $560
14. not certain
15. 40 years old

(originally published on the Tom & Joe blog)

That right there is why you should never get a hairless cat.
Or, if you do, why you shouldn’t get a male.
Or, if you do, why you should get it fixed.
Or, if you don’t, why you shouldn’t let it lie on top of your monitor.

(I have absolutely no idea whose cat or photo this is or I’d give credit.
It’s just one of those ridiculously awesome things you find on the internet)