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Garden Porn

I’m so excited!!

I wanted to plant last weekend but my chiropractor told me about some frost warnings so I’m been waiting and letting the plants weather a bit during the day, but taking them in at night. “Money burning a whole in your pocket” has nothing on plants just aching to be planted!

Now, the Wine Chef & I eat a ton of tomatoes. We had one plant last year. NOT ENOUGH!!! This year, I may have gone a little overboard. We have two Sungolds, grape tomatoes, romas, big reds, four heinz and one other kind that I have no idea what they’re called. A whole lot of tomato plants!! I can’t wait.

Loads of zucchini, which is another favourite. Ditto with cucumbers and eggplant. Carrots, spinach, butterleaf lettuce, snap peas and red peppers. The Wine Chef went a little crazy with his hot peppers purchases too, so we have WAY more peppers than we probably need. (Especially since we still have the ones from last year pickling in our fridge!)

We’re trying out some new things this year:

  • Sieglund Potatoes: they have a very soft, papery skin and they taste like butter has already been added when you cook them up. Delicious! I’ve never grown potatoes before and find myself strangely nervous about them.
  • An artichoke, though I didn’t read the part that says it takes 365 to grow. Artichokes for next year?
  • A giant pumpkin; or at least, what has the potential to grow to a giant pumpkin – up to 500 pounds! *lol
  • And, we’re trying out corn! I know it’s super cheap to just buy corn at the store, but there’s a certain joy that comes from saying you grew it yourself.

All the fruit trees are starting to blossom now too, except the cherry tree which, sadly, I think is dead. But, otherwise, the yard is blooming!! It’s going to be a delicious summer 🙂