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Goin’ to Winnipeg!

(Every time I say that I think of the Canadian Tire commercial.)


It happened.

I finally got a job offer so good it was worth leaving the beautiful Okanagan for.

Starting tomorrow morning, I’m joining Tom & Joe in the mornings on 92 CITI-FM in Winnipeg. Two awesome guys; they’ve been working together since 1993 (so, no pressure coming in as the new girl! *lol) Incredibly happy to get back to rock radio, especially with such an awesome team. I don’t even have to push buttons! Bubba‘s there to do all the tricky stuff for us.

You can give us a listen online…and if you happen to have a dog friendly place for rent, drop me a line 😉


Why Do People Find it Hard to Believe in a Happy Marriage?

I’m a newlywed. This is a pretty precious stage in a relationship, I admit. We’re stupid, ridiculously happy and in love with each other. We resolve all our problems diplomatically and if one person is annoyed at the other, we tell them why so we can fix it. We actually like spending time in each other’s company; in fact, I’d rather hang out with him than anyone else in the world. We have fun together!

But, to try and tell that to someone who has never experienced what we’re going through…you might have a better chance convincing a non-believer that UFOs are real!

My fella had a girl hit on him this weekend, after she knew he was married, and it kind of stunned him. (The fact that it happened about 10 feet away from me didn’t help.) As a happily besotted man, he just couldn’t get why other people don’t equate marriage with off limits.

The same happened at a Halloween party I was at with a girlfriend though. This dude was trying to pick up both of us and we, pretty politely, told him we were a lost cause since we were happily married. His response was “Oh, so you mean you’ve found some guy who’s willing to agree with whatever you say.”

What do you say to something like that? Explain that, no, I’m in a mutually respectful relationship and that the idea of a man agreeing with everything I say is, actually, incredibly unattractive?? It would be a giant waste of breath. And, heck – he kept on trying after his snide little comment. For some people, married means you’re even more attractive! They like the idea of being the piece on the side, with no fear of commitment.

Are we the hidden minority or are there more of you out there? Do you believe in happy marriages or is it just a temporary delusion on my part?

Less Than a Month

I’m getting married in less than a month and, I admit, I’m starting to freak out.

Not about the marriage part – that’s going to be awesome. But, let’s just say that losing my job two months before my wedding wasn’t exactly in the budget. Actually, the budget had the wedding being paid for with the money that we were going to make from June to August. Yikes.

The Wine Chef keeps acting like it’s no big deal. Says he’s got the money and we’re going to be fine. Me, I’m one of those dollars and cents people. I need it laid out, in front of me…preferably in a spread sheet. (I do love me some spread sheets.)

I know our family and friends aren’t going to care about how fancy anything is. It was already going to be a very simple wedding. I’m really not a Bridezilla kind of girl and do-it-yourself is pretty much my mantra. No one that loves us is going to walk away and judge us for choosing to grow our flowers ourselves (I thought that made things a little more special, personally) or for having drinks $2 a piece instead of an open bar (our friends drink!! An open bar, alone, would break us! *lol).

But, we do have friends and family coming in from all over the country and I want them to enjoy themselves. And, every time someone asks me how the wedding planning is going, I feel a little abnormal that I’m NOT obsessing with the wedding.

Maybe, this is why people hire wedding planners? So they can just show up and enjoy??

I’m the one who ruined it!!

I like to pride myself on being an amazing secret keeper.

I’ve been called “The Vault” by co-workers, because whatever is said to me I keep completely to myself. Selfishly, it’s because it’s nice to know what’s going on and that people consider you a trusted source. Otherwise, I don’t gossip much. I’m not a fan of talking behind people’s back and and would much rather have respect than the latest on dit.

But, a few months ago my friend Cy’s sister sent me a message on Facebook saying they were planning a big girl’s weekend getaway in Kelowna. I kept my mouth shut!! Everytime Cy asked when I was visiting Edmonton and when she was going to see me, I bit my tongue and didn’t even give a hint that she was going to be seeing me as part of her epic 30th birthday celebrations. It was hard, but I didn’t let so much as a hint slip through.

But, once she gets here and I meet up with them at the hotel, no less than 10 minutes after I say hello, I SPILL THE BEANS ABOUT OUR GOING ON A WINE TOUR!!! Now, when you’re coming to Kelowna and hanging out, one would just kind of assume, but Cy had no idea until I opened my stupid mouth.

I will, forever, be remembered as the friend that spoiled the last surprise.

Laid Off

There’s a lot of things that go through your head when you are told you’ve been laid off.

Value: even when you can recognize that all business decisions come down to money, there’s a still the question “Aren’t I worth it?” I like to think I work extremely hard and that I do good work. To know that they’re getting rid of you and replacing you with someone cheaper, it sucks. Hell, I’d feel better knowing they’re hiring someone with twice my experience for more money!

Self critique: Even if the decision was 100% money (which you know it probably wasn’t), you know there’s reasons they chose to get rid of you instead of someone else. So, what are those reasons? Are they things that you would do differently, if you could go back in time? Or, is it a behaviour or attitude that you feel good about and would do again? Is is something that you’ll change in your next job? How much do you try to change and grow and how much do you just own the behaviour and know things have worked out for the best?

Loyalty: I am a fiercely loyal person and that extends to the station I work for. However, I still haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that no company has any real loyalty to you. I remember all the on-air staff at one station being called into the board room and we were told that if we considered moving over to one of the new stations opening up in our market, that we would never work for our current company again. Ironically, the same company that let me and the rest of the on-air staff go a year later. It’s hard to work in an industry where who you are is tied together with the product and NOT feel loyalty to it. But, it does make you question how much of yourself you really should pour into a job. Though, I don’t think I’m the kind of person that could go to work, then go home and just not care. It’s like dating someone – even if they break your heart, it’s still worth it.

Family: Because, no decision is just about you. The Wine Chef gave up a restaurant that he loved to follow me to the Okanagan. I know he doesn’t regret it, but I am aware of the sacrifice. The restaurant that he’s Head Chef & Kitchen Manager at is launching a new menu next week that he’s thrilled/excited/nervous about and is more the type of food that he enjoys preparing; a little high-end fusion. Summer is the busy season for restaurants. Plus, he loves Kelowna! We’re both gypsies that never really thought would settle down, but we can picture a life here. Our wedding is here in two months. It’s home.

So, I’m beating myself up a bit but also realizing I have to stand up for myself and what’s right; doing a bit of reassessing about my work/life balance and how out of whack it’s been the last year and a half; trying not to dwell on the anger and feelings of betrayal and look forward to the opportunities this opens and, generally, trying to make some decisions – with the Wine Chef – about what’s right for our little family.

World, here I come!!

Garden Porn

I’m so excited!!

I wanted to plant last weekend but my chiropractor told me about some frost warnings so I’m been waiting and letting the plants weather a bit during the day, but taking them in at night. “Money burning a whole in your pocket” has nothing on plants just aching to be planted!

Now, the Wine Chef & I eat a ton of tomatoes. We had one plant last year. NOT ENOUGH!!! This year, I may have gone a little overboard. We have two Sungolds, grape tomatoes, romas, big reds, four heinz and one other kind that I have no idea what they’re called. A whole lot of tomato plants!! I can’t wait.

Loads of zucchini, which is another favourite. Ditto with cucumbers and eggplant. Carrots, spinach, butterleaf lettuce, snap peas and red peppers. The Wine Chef went a little crazy with his hot peppers purchases too, so we have WAY more peppers than we probably need. (Especially since we still have the ones from last year pickling in our fridge!)

We’re trying out some new things this year:

  • Sieglund Potatoes: they have a very soft, papery skin and they taste like butter has already been added when you cook them up. Delicious! I’ve never grown potatoes before and find myself strangely nervous about them.
  • An artichoke, though I didn’t read the part that says it takes 365 to grow. Artichokes for next year?
  • A giant pumpkin; or at least, what has the potential to grow to a giant pumpkin – up to 500 pounds! *lol
  • And, we’re trying out corn! I know it’s super cheap to just buy corn at the store, but there’s a certain joy that comes from saying you grew it yourself.

All the fruit trees are starting to blossom now too, except the cherry tree which, sadly, I think is dead. But, otherwise, the yard is blooming!! It’s going to be a delicious summer 🙂

The Gratitude Project

Gratitude is the intention to count your blessings every day, every minute, while avoiding, whenever possible, the belief that you need or deserve different circumstances.
— Timothy Miller

The Gratitude Project was something started in the hopes that focusing on the good things that surround us would make us happier, reduce our level of stress, and allow us to cope better when difficulties arose.

It’s a very simple theory that, like any theory or idea, has managed to evolve over the last couple years. But, at the heart of it, the simple question is what are the everyday things that you are grateful for?

1. My health. Especially since, between my ability to constantly injure myself and my Crohn’s, I can’t always take it for granted. Even those crappy days remind me how fortunate I am to not have to deal on an everyday basis.

2. My Mom. I know that EVERYOBODY says that, but I really do have the most amazing mother. Ever. Really. My mom kicks your mom and everyone else’s mom’s ass. Sorry about that.

3. My dog, Blue. I really and truly love my dog. There are times I seriously want to kick her ass – like when she raids the fridge – but mostly I realize that I really don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s loving, a cuddle-whore, smart as a whip…the perfect dog. At least, perfect for me. As she gets older, I’m able to appreciate that she won’t be around for too many more years and I am grateful to not only have the time we have yet, but for her health and happiness too.

4. My fella, the Wine Chef. Truly the best thing to ever happen to me. With him, I am not only myself, but happy with who I am too. And, he calms me. I know that sounds really odd, but just being with him gives me a great sense of calmness that I’ve never experienced before. If I was stuck on a deserted island for the rest of my life and had to pick one person to hang out forever, I would pick him.

5. My brains. I’m a smart cookie, I’m very fortunate. I did very well in school, I learn new things quickly. Being brighter than the average bear was something I was proud of when I was younger, but now I realize it was just luck of the draw. I recognize how much easier life has been because of my brain, and I love how it makes me never want to stop learning.

6.  Books. I love reading. Lock me in a room by myself and, so long as I’ve got some books to read, I’m a happy camper.

7. Gardening. I don’t know when I became an old lady, but I am so happy playing out there in my garden. I’m already plotting out what’s going in the garden this year and am ridiculously excited about it!! Now, I just need this weather to improve so I can get planting.

I’m sure there’s more than 7 things that I’m excited for, but these are the ones that jump out at me at first.

What are the everyday things that make you grateful?