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I’m the one who ruined it!!

I like to pride myself on being an amazing secret keeper.

I’ve been called “The Vault” by co-workers, because whatever is said to me I keep completely to myself. Selfishly, it’s because it’s nice to know what’s going on and that people consider you a trusted source. Otherwise, I don’t gossip much. I’m not a fan of talking behind people’s back and and would much rather have respect than the latest on dit.

But, a few months ago my friend Cy’s sister sent me a message on Facebook saying they were planning a big girl’s weekend getaway in Kelowna. I kept my mouth shut!! Everytime Cy asked when I was visiting Edmonton and when she was going to see me, I bit my tongue and didn’t even give a hint that she was going to be seeing me as part of her epic 30th birthday celebrations. It was hard, but I didn’t let so much as a hint slip through.

But, once she gets here and I meet up with them at the hotel, no less than 10 minutes after I say hello, I SPILL THE BEANS ABOUT OUR GOING ON A WINE TOUR!!! Now, when you’re coming to Kelowna and hanging out, one would just kind of assume, but Cy had no idea until I opened my stupid mouth.

I will, forever, be remembered as the friend that spoiled the last surprise.