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Only One Grape? Preposterous

LOVE this commercial! And, not just because it’s about wine…though, that helps.


2006 Deerfield Ranch Red Rex

Holy crap, this is one delicious bottle of wine.

I like my wines big, red and juicy. The bigger, the better. I like a good long finish that lets me sit and dwell on it for a while. I like rich and complex flavours and aromas. If it’s spicy and peppery too, well, I’m in heaven.

The ’06 Red Rex missed out on the black pepper, except as an aftertaste, but it hit the bell on every other check on my list. I had never tasted wine as dense as this fella, to the point that I had to ask the Wine Chef what the proper terminology was for that kind of texture and mouth feel. I’d never had anything like it! Viscous. Or, I could say it’s incredibly chewy (though, that doesn’t sound nearly as appealing, does it?) You could just roll it around on your tongue and keep pulling different notes from it.

I don’t want to make you think Red Rex tastes like a sherry or a fortified wine, it’s not sweet. In fact, the heavy tanins could almost make it seem bitter to some. But, the way they make your mouth water and help deliver those black cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant notes more than put me into winegasm.

The aroma of Red Rex is as big as it’s taste. The fruit definitely comes through, but you also get the hints of smokey meat (which is more delicious that it sounds), and even a bit of sage.

Definitely not a wine for everyone, you need to be prepared to get your ass kicked by Red Rex. But if you like them big and beautiful, give this complex bad boy a try. I’m looking forward to my next bottle.

WHO: Deerfield Ranch
WHERE: Sonoma County, California
WHEN: 2006
WHAT: Cabernet Sauvignon (40%), Syrah (23%), Merlot (19%), Sangiovese (7%), Malbec (5%), Cabernet Franc (2%), Petit Verdot (2%)
COST: $29 at The Winehouse